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Lisbon, the new Silicon Valley in the EU?
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Updated 08 March 2022

Lisbon, the new Silicon Valley in the EU?

The Innovation District is born in Lisbon, a city of innovation, a global prototype of future smart cities.

NOVA University of Lisbon, together with a group of investors including Marcelino Graf von Hoensbroech, has launched the Innovation District, a project that aims to create a new global city in Almada, which will combine a unique and sustainable lifestyle in a new geography of innovation and technological knowledge.

An initial investment of 800 million euros will allow the creation of an Innovation District in the Greater Lisbon metropolitan area, which will attract startups, national and international professionals for a total, in the first phase to be completed in ten years, of 17,000 new jobs of work and 1,000 housing units.

Based on the Live-work-play concept, the Innovation District will be a unique and plural city, designed to raise the quality of life of each of its inhabitants for which all the various points of interest will be within 15 minutes.

Marcelino Graf von Hoensbroech was keen to declare: <<Thinking of competing with California is not thinking big, but it is the right tone […]. This is a better place and the Portuguese should start saying it […]. Ours is a complex project and the choice of the place on which to build it is a logical choice >>



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