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B-Plannow Startup Accelerator

B-PLANNOW® is the perfect startup accelerator for early-stage projects destined for success. A collaborative program designed to help new startups scale in an increasingly complex and competitive ecosystem. With our unique and one to one startup consulting, we help entrepreneurs solve some of the problems commonly associated with management by providing mentoring, training, initial pre-seed funding, and access to debt and venture capital. If the sole purpose of a business accelerator is to help founders grow their business in a strategic and focused way, B-PLANNOW®’s purpose declines into obsession: to turn startups into scaleups, avoiding what everyone fears: the screwup!

Among the startup accelerators in Italy, B-PLANNOW® boasts unique and, above all, self-produced management techniques over the years, concentrating in a new and innovative method the long experience gained in the field with its clients.

The overarching goal of B-PLANNOW® is to help startups grow faster and become profitable companies, expanding and creating value for their shareholders through accelerator programs that can get them off the ground as quickly and sustainably as possible toward success.

Learn about our services and why B-PLANNOW® may be the right startup accelerator for you!

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You have come up with the idea of the century but need money to fund it. How do you explain this to your investors? Before you even have a business plan, you need to have a clear business model in mind. With THE B−PLANNOW BOARD, we can help you.

And once the business model is sorted, it’s time to set up your company. Innovative startup or something else? B−PLANNOW can assist you in selecting and setting up the correct corporate vehicle, and in defining the governance rules through the definition of the articles of association and the shareholders’ agreements.

The business plan is a mix of creativity and professional rigour. It brings together your dreams, your visions, and your ideas. But it also considers the market and the competition, as well as financial rules and regulations. A complicated mix that leaves little room for standard solutions and for which B−PLANNOW can offer tailor-made services.

You now need to build a solid, strong and compact corporate image, making sure that your values are consistent with those of your customers; B−PLANNOW offers a complete brand identity service, a fundamental prerequisite to make sure that you set yourself apart from your competition and affirm your unique presence in the market.

Bootstrap or pre-seed, seed or early stage, early growth or growth: irrespective of where you are, to go from startup to scaleup you need capital. B−PLANNOW shows you the right channel, whether it's debt or risk capital. Or it may even directly invest in your idea.



Startup Demo

BullSnakeFit is a demo. But first of all, it’s a learning tool and an opportunity to experiment and “directly experience” the quality of the services offered by B-PLANNOW for startups: business model with THE B-PLANNOW BOARD, pitch, business plan, naming, logo design, brand identity, packaging, catalogue, photoshoot, website & e-commerce platform, captivating videos, digital content, marketing mix and much more.



The currently available frameworks have become obsolete. You can define your business model using THE B-PLANNOW BOARD.


Innovative or lifestyle? What are the requirements imposed by the Office for Economic Development (MISE)? What statute? All questions that can be answered by B-PLANNOW.


The B-PLANNOW business plan is a concentrate of objectives, strategies, sales, marketing, financial forecasts, and more.


Before selling your idea and your product, think about how to sell yourself. B-PLANNOW will create the right tailor-made brand identity for you.


Irrespective of the current stage of your startup, you need capital. Whether it’s debt or risk capital, B-PLANNOW helps you find it.


Finance your startup

Does your Startup need a loan, financing, or a mortgage in order to grow? Whether we are talking of public or private loans, B−PLANNOW can help you with your strategy, and connect you with the best brokers in the market.

Does your Startup need an investing partner to grow? A business angel, a club deal, or a venture capital fund? B−PLANNOW can help you with your strategy and put you in touch with the best names in the sector.

If we like your idea and believe that it is deserving, here at B−PLANNOW we will be happy to contribute! If we are passionate about your startup, we will fund it and help it. Together with our capital, we will share with you our experience, knowledge, and contacts.



Business model



Company setup



Business plan



Corporate identity




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Startup Launch Box

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    • Company setup
    • Pitch
    • Business plan
    • Corporate image
Our Experiences

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Our Experiences

Our long-standing experience with startups and SMEs means that we have a large portfolio of successful case histories, showing that a clear business model, a correct corporate vehicle, an accurate and professional business plan, a coordinated image and a continuous investment in managerial innovation make and have made the difference.

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Our baggage

Our business

The B-PLANNOW team makes available to your idea UNIQUE STRATEGIES, which will guide you through the creation of your startup, and all the way to the possible listing on the Stock Exchange, or exit strategy.

Management consulting

Strategic consulting

Financial advice

Marketing consultancy


Private Business Angel

Our offer

Our services

The B-PLANNOW team makes available to your idea UNIQUE AND INNOVATIVE SERVICES that will allow you to understand its potential, build its container, communicate its value, find the right funding and growth channels.

Business model

Company establishment

Business plan

Corporate image


Private Business Angel

Our abilities

Our skills

The B-PLANNOW team makes available to your idea SKILLS that will make it easy work for you to face tomorrow’s challenges as a manager because we need to know today where we want to go, and where we want to be in five years.







Our skills




In today's world, filled with great abundance of products and services, creating a startup means becoming your own manager, because success does not come from a good genetic make-up or from being in the right place at the right time. The success of a startup can be artfully created, and B−PLANNOW supports you in this journey, helping you to increase your managerial skills.



Investing in a startup requires the commitment of large amounts of capital, with very high levels of risk. But there are well-defined risk mitigation techniques and tools that can be shared with those who provide private and/or public debt capital and risk capital. B−PLANNOW helps you in defining these tools.



For a startup approaching the market, successful branding is essential. B−PLANNOW exploits the creativity and professionalism of its team for the creation of the right identity. Naming with the assessment of free domains, logo design, brand image, packaging, catalogue, photoshoots, website & e-commerce platform, captivating videos, digital content and marketing mix are some of our "creativity" services.