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How to start a successful startup and make it work
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Updated 15 July 2024

How to start a successful startup and make it work

“The best ideas do not come from reason, but from a lucid, visionary madness”
Erasmo da Rotterdam

Every startup starts with a big dream and we hope that our contribution can help you realize yours: start a successful business!

Every year more and more visionaries decide to go on their own to open their startup and today, thanks to continuous innovations and technological processes, the possibilities of finding information, talents, materials, products and services have greatly expanded. In fact, there are many innovative business ideas that find fertile ground in the great desire to set up on their own to make a dream come true, to have more independence, to invent a job that they would otherwise struggle to find.

Therefore, if there is no shortage of ideas, the challenge is not to make false steps and concretely understand how to create a startup that becomes a successful scaleup.

Being your own boss, in fact, is both difficult and rewarding, so before starting, you will need to gather all the information and knowledge possible on the problems you may encounter and on the possible solutions.

B-PLANNOW® has decided to share its experience, providing you with the tools that will help you build a successful startup through a weekly editorial plan consisting of over a hundred articles.

We will start from what you need to know before starting, from the embryonic idea to its validation, passing through the analysis of business models, the market and buyer personas, up to the choice of the best possible structure; we will examine the steps to take to start your business between corporate identity, marketing, administration and finance; we will describe the management techniques to start and launch your business from the team organization to the search for talent; we will explain everything you need to know about the management of a startup from customers to suppliers, from employees to the control of KPIs and finally we will teach you the expansion and growth strategies up to the possible exit.


If you are thinking of starting a startup you must follow us on this journey. From taking the plunge to the exit, the road is long but if you want, you can take it with us from today!


Take the plunge

Take the plunge

Going on your own: evaluating the pros and cons of a great lifestyle choice

Professional self-assessment: analyzing strengths and weaknesses with practical examples

How to find innovative ideas for startups

Better to sell services or products? Tips for a new business

Market niche: what it is and how to find the most profitable

Create a competitive advantage and stand out from the competition

Finding value propositions with the Value Proposition Canvas

Vision, mission and company values: what they are and how to define them

Corporate forms: what they are and how to choose the most suitable for you

Family business: when it is convenient and how to start it

Transforming an idea into franchising: what are the operations to be carried out?

Non-profit associations: how it works and create one

Planning a good business strategy: The first step to success

How to choose the right business model

Market analysis: what it is, what it is for and how to do it

SWOT analysis: what it is and how to do it with practical examples

Porter’s model: what it is and how to use it to evaluate one’s position with respect to competitors

PESTEL analysis: know the factors that you cannot influence and react with ad hoc strategies

Identifying your target audience: methods and examples

Buyer persona: who is (what it is) and why it is important to define

From potential demand to market penetration: what you need to know about your business

From traditional physical location to coworking: advantages (and disadvantages) of each type of location

Choosing commercial premises: another crucial step for your business

How to find suppliers for your business

Outsourcing: what is externalization of tasks and when it is needed

Work life balance: how to find your harmony between work and private life

Working with friends and family: a nice opportunity (that needs to be managed)

Marital enterprise: comprehensive guide for couples in business


Take the first steps

Take the first steps

How to find the perfect name for your company

How to create a successful brand from scratch

Storytelling: how to do it and how it can improve your business

What is the Marketing Mix? Definitions and examples

How to create a sales process and make it effective

How to sell online: tips, ideas and the best platforms

How to sell services online: learn by testing

Accepting payments online: available solutions and the most secure methods

E-commerce business model: the B-PlanNow Board eCommerce®

Fulfilling an order: tips and strategies for managing the flow

Warehouse picking: effective methods and technologies

Order Fulfillment: strategies for winning E-Commerce

What are the costs of starting a company?

How much does it cost to start a startup

Innovative startup: definition, requirements, advantages and examples

How to set sales goals for your business

Financing a startup: 10+1 ways to find funding and investors

How to seek investors for your startup

What is debt capital and how it is calculated

What is venture capital

Startup accelerators and incubators: what they are and what are their differences

Crowdfunding: let’s see what it is and what it is for, who can use or invest in it, what are the risks, and the best platforms!

How to submit a Start Up Project: the B-PLANNOW PITCH®

Business accounting management: what it is and how to do it right

How are companies taxed in Italy? Let’s see together what the main taxes are and how the Italian tax system works

Opening a business bank account: when, how and what is needed

Protecting the business: conducting a business risk assessment

Protecting intellectual property: how and why?

Being safe in the workplace: italian regulations and how to keep up to date

Green Economy: some tips for sustainable business

Corporate social responsibility: burdens and benefits of ethical management

How to draft a business plan: the ultimate guide

How to develop an effective business action plan

Consumer rights: what are they and how are they regulated?


How to start a startup

How to start a startup

Organizing office workspace: what do I really need to take into account?

Website design: the stages for step-by-step implementation

How to create a website: guide for beginners

How to create an ecommerce: from planning to the first sale

Competitive analysis: what it is, how to do it and why

Attracting potential customers to the site: here’s how to do it!

SEO optimization: what it is and how it works

SEA: the ultimate guide to your startup’s online success

Social Media Marketing: what it is, strategies and benefits

Complete Guide to Email Marketing: how to leverage it for your business

Corporate data protection: how to ensure information security

Creating and organizing a Work Team: strategies and tips

How to search for staff: how to select the best candidates

How to conduct an effective job interview

Manager: what it is, what it does, how much it earns and when it is needed

10 Essential Books for Startups and Entrepreneurs: Your Guide to Success

Diversity and inclusion in your company: 5 Innovative ways to integrate them

Using a CRM management system for customer data: the complete guide

Product test: how to prepare for the launch

Advertising (almost) for free: 10 Low-cost marketing strategies to get your startup off the ground

PR strategy: the essential steps for your brand’s success

How to advertise your business?

Social media advertising: communicating “face to face” with the customer

Guide to Promoting Your Startup on Facebook and Instagram

How to promote your startup on LinkedIn: a guide to best practices

Effective strategies for promoting your startup on TikTok

How to promote your startup on YouTube: tips and strategies

What is networking and how can it help your business?


How to grow a startup

How to grow a startup

Why build customer loyalty to ensure the growth of your business

Managing customer relationships: techniques and tips

Corporate partnerships: how to create winning synergies

Business KPIs: the essential guide

Marketing KPIs: your compass for a winning strategy

Growth Hacking: acquire as many customers while spending as little as possible

7 essential tips to support business growth

Financial management, the complete guide: strategies and tips

Advanced strategies for cash budget management

What are cash flows and how to calculate them

Building a winning corporate culture: guidance and practical tips

Business management: techniques and tips to best optimize it

Fundamental guide to managing work teams

Employee retention: what it is and how to improve it

How to motivate a team to maximize business productivity

How to create a healthy and productive work environment

Effective strategies for managing conflict in the workplace

Personnel appraisal: comprehensive guide to improving business performance

Business Process Management: definition, analysis and useful tips

Supply Chain Management: how to think about and manage the supply chain

Creating a corporate operations manual: the key to efficiency

Corporate crisis management: strategies and practical examples


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