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Startups and venture capital in Italy in 2020: 569 million raised
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Updated 08 March 2022

Startups and venture capital in Italy in 2020: 569 million raised

Venture Capital 2020: investments up (569 million euros, + 55% compared to 2019); the average ticket per investment is also higher (from 2.1 to 5.1 million euros per round).

On February 24, 2021, the EY Venture Capital Barometer 2020 was made public, which shows that, despite the Covid-19 pandemic and the 37% reduction in the number of deals (111 compared to 175 in 2019), total capital by Italian startups and scaleups amounted to 569 million euros, with a growth of 55% compared to the previous year, when this amounted to 367 million euros, with an average ticket passed from 2, 1 to 5.1 million per round, but with a substantial reduction in the seed and early VC rounds.

Among the top 5 sectors by investment value stand out Fintech, Health and Life Science, Food and Beverage, Software & Digital services, Transportation and Delivery.

The distribution of investments on a regional basis sees Lombardy (391 million euros raised) on the podium, followed by Piedmont (46.6 million) and Lazio (29.3 million).

The five operations that in 2020 collected the most substantial funding are those that involved Satispay (93 million raised), Aidexa (45 million euros), Cortilia (34 million), Enthera Pharmaceuticals (28 million) and Milkman (25 million).


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