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Ideas vs Execution

The best ideas don’t come from reason but from a lucid and visionary crazy dream. But today, dreaming or having a unique idea is not enough: one has to be able to bring it to life. Visionaries, innovators and those who love a challenge create new ideas. But only entrepreneurial “managers” can put them into practice, successfully designing and implementing innovative business models.
This is exactly why B−PLANNOW came to life: to educate on business, to turn dreams into reality, chaos into organised action; to seize opportunities and bring visions and market together through a business plan that is clear, well-defined and well-conceived from the very beginning. Business model analysis, company setup, production of the business plan, creation of the corporate identity and search for funding: these are some of the services that B−PLANNOW offers to successfully turn an idea into a tangible reality in today’s world.

Our work process

B-Plannow Startup Process

Startups that fail the first year
Incorrect marketing management
Managerial skills are lacking

Taking your idea “out of the building“, devising an innovative business model, getting the right capital, and most importantly becoming a marketplace scaleup, takes a lot of commitment and resources. As a startupper, you need to know how to avoid failure. As a manager, you need to know how to identify and take new “directions” as and when required. But to successfully turn your dreams into reality, you must follow the right process from the very beginning. In today’s climate, only two out of a thousand startups are successful in securing venture capital. And out of ten of these, at least nine fail due to lack of basic knowledge before getting their product to market. The starting journey is bumpy. However, correct planning of the various steps can make it easier and much more enjoyable. B-PLANNOW makes its “startup process” available to you so that you can succeed in your business.

Business Model

As Henry Ford used to say, “having an idea is a good thing, but it’s even better to know how to carry it through.” Or in the words of Slava Rubin, “it’s not about having a unique idea but about knowing how to turn it into a business“. We strongly believe that the success of a startup doesn’t come from a good genetic make-up or from being in the right place at the right time. The success of a startup can be artfully created by following the right process because, in today’s world, entrepreneurship can be easily suffocated by an abundance of products and services. Therefore, every step needs to be supported by well-targeted knowledge-based management. Visionaries, innovators and those who love a challenge create new ideas. But only entrepreneurial “managers” can put them into practice, successfully designing and implementing innovative business models.

With this in mind, B-PLANNOW offers a consultancy service based on visual thinking meetings, to identify company business models and map the way to those that are still unexplored.

During this process, we will introduce you to common languages, help you establish objectives, and assess your preliminary ideas. We will support you in planning your work and create a team (Organize). We will analyse in detail the techniques of THE B-PLANNOW BOARD, the Value Proposition Design, the Lean Startup method. We will compile the 21 system elements, discuss environmental analysis issues, market research and customers, analysing similar patterns and applying planning techniques (Understand). The most satisfactory business model(s) will then be selected, on which a SWOT analysis will be carried out, followed, if deemed necessary, by a Blue Ocean analysis (Plan). Last but not least, we will discuss together the possibilities for creating an innovative business model (Implement).

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Company Setup

As Eric Ries said, “a good startup should have the potential for a large size already built into its initial conception“, while “Thiel’s Law” states that “a startup that is messed up at founding cannot be fixed“. We firmly believe in the ideas of these two great visionaries of the startup world. Therefore, B-PLANNOW will provide the right advice to make sure that you get off to a good start.

Support in setting up the company, with particular focus on articles of association and “innovative” business purpose; identification of the parameters set by the Office for Economic Development (MISE) in order to meet the requirements of an innovative startup – i.e. a company that develops, produces or sells innovative products and/or services with a high technological content -; support in filing company registration applications with the special innovative startup register; support in the initial filing of information on the MISE startup.registroimprese.it electronic platform (legal requirement); support for any other issues that may arise (e.g. share capital, patent applications, etc.) while setting up your company.

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Pitch is short for “elevator pitch“. It’s a brief presentation of your business idea that should last no longer than an elevator ride – from about 30 seconds to maximum 5/10 minutes -, during which you will have the opportunity to introduce your idea to an investor. Success will only come if you learn how to manage your available time effectively and efficiently. You need to prepare in advance, so that you know which key concepts you need to convey. As Guy Kawasaki used to say, “the object of a pitch is to raise interest, not to close a deal.” Therefore, you’ll need to manage your time in a valuable and professional manner, to get the attention of your audience and encourage questions.

It’s certainly less demanding than a business plan, but it’s also undoubtedly the sublimation of your business model. And in fact, again in the words of Guy Kawasaki “if you cannot describe your business model in ten words or less, you don’t have a business model.” Also, don’t forget that time is precious: “The more time you spend speaking, the less time they spend listening.” (Dave McClure).

B-PLANNOW will expertly help you to plan, produce and deliver the best pitch by taking advantage the best techniques available today.

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Business Plan

Pablo Picasso said that “one’s goals can only be achieved through good planning, in which we absolutely must believe and on the basis of which we must act.” But perhaps, it is Jonathan Ive who addresses the issue better by saying “it is very easy to be different, but much more difficult to be the best.” The business plan should describe and explain why you are the best. It should give substance to dreams, tangibility to visions and structure to innovations.
We believe that the business plan is the final result, the output of that process that led to the creation and identification of the business model, together with the joint brand identity and brand image activities.
It’s a document that elegantly describes a business project, its objectives, strategies, sales, marketing, financial forecasts, and more.
It’s the pivotal document that captures the attention of investors, but also a process of summarising information and carrying out analyses and evaluations. And it’s also of very strong internal value: stimulate organization and management, to achieve the business objectives. In the current climate, a startup without a complete business plan is not considered by the market.

B-PLANNOW offers you a business plan of at least 5 years that will include:

  • Qualitative section (graphic/descriptive) entrepreneurial history; team presentation; description of vision and expectations; analysis of the market of interest (with indication and possible selection of the best market analysis companies); marketing and sales plan; technology details; presentation of current and future product/service lines; analysis of the financial requirements, with the indication of the necessary funding. This section will also include all the items that represent and will represent the whole idea, as well as the investments for the five-year period;
  • Quantitative section (financial, patrimonial and economic) balance sheet forecast; income statement forecast; cash flow forecast analysis; balance sheet indicator-based current and forecast analysis; analysis of the evolution of the net financial position forecast; Standard & Poor’s, Altman and Prof. Damodaran based rating; Medio Credito Centrale rating (access to the SME Guarantee Fund, Law 662/96) and bankability; financial analysis of investments and financial requirements; provisional monthly treasury budget analysis.

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Corporate Image

Consider this: you need a new watch. Would you rather buy a Rolex from the official dealer or get a cheap Chinese “watch” on a subway platform? You certainly trust the world-renowned brand more. You might spend quite a bit more, but the quality of the original watch is beyond question. Also, the official store will provide excellent service. Similarly, your product/service should inspire confidence and leave no doubts regarding quality. The question is: how do you do it? How do you become the Rolex of your sector? To compete with the giants in your market, you need a strong brand identity.

The importance of corporate and brand identity for startups is often underestimated. However, it is one of the factors that can help your company become a leader in its industry. But there are also other reasons why a startup should invest in its brand identity: your corporate brand identity represents your company’s voice and personality, strengthens your credibility, helps you build trust and loyalty with your customers. Having a strong brand identity makes you stand out from the crowd, helps you keep your corporate message consistent within your team. A startup with a strong brand identity has fewer problems in winning over investors, in attracting the attention of the target audience, or top talents.

B-PLANNOW will help you create your brand identity with talent and professionalism. A multichannel process will guide you through: the selection of the name, with an assessment of domains around the world; the creation of your logo and the relevant applications; the planning of websites, M-sites, Social and e-commerce platforms; the organisation of photoshoots with video feeds, digital video processing, captivating videos and advertising material, brochures, catalogues, packaging, etc.

Your brand identity is more than just a logo: it’s how your customers, partners and even competitors see you; it’s what makes them believe in you. It’s what makes you uniquely YOU!

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If your startup is about blockchain, you will need a whitepaper.

A whitepaper is the main element of a project based on blockchain technology. It shows the willingness of a team to explain in detail its goals, techniques and processes, and the resources needed for successful execution. A good document will show how well prepared a team is, and how committed and professional its members are about the project. It’s an important document that will be subjected to detailed scrutiny by its adopters and potential investors.

Fortunately, today the blockchain world has evolved. Misleading information will not stand up to scrutiny from the DLT community. Several projects have already ripped off naive investors, causing growing discontent both within and outside the community. Whitepapers have today become a way to protect against unethical behaviour.

The approach of investors has also changed: they examine whitepapers with a fine-tooth comb, carefully analysing problems, solutions, proposed technologies, platforms, and the processes put in place to achieve success, as well as applications (cases of use), teams, and necessary resources.

This means that they must be convincing, distinguishing logic criteria from commercial profitability and technical strength. And these criteria must be met in full if we want to earn the trust of investors and in particular the adoption community.

All this is far from easy, because a whitepaper needs to be full of detailed and specific information about the project, whilst at the same time accessible to a general and less specific audience.
B-PLANNOW offers a dedicated service based on experience and professionalism, to help you in this necessary step when tackling today’s crowded blockchain world.

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Does your startup need risk capital or debt capital?

  • Risk capital is capital that is contributed to your startup by a third party. Through this contribution, the third party will become part of the company structure and will therefore share the corporate risks (hence the expression “risk capital”). There are basically two ways to become a shareholder: reserved capital increase or exercise of option rights. Risk capital can be either public or private. Public risk capital is rare because the state and the local authorities do not have the object of acquiring and managing company shares in their main mission. The above is demonstrated by the fact that public bodies that invest in startups normally do so under special conditions that are different from those favoured in the private sector (for example, by favouring co-investment initiatives). As far as private risk capital, one only needs to choose among Business Angels, Club Deals, Venture Capital, and so on. A separate discussion is required for Accelerators and Incubators, which identify the most deserving startups and offer them cash prizes or acceleration/incubation opportunities, through the provision of a series of services, in exchange for the possibility of “accessing” their share capital at more or less favourable conditions.
  • Debt capital is on the other hand a sum of money that a third party pays into a current account held in the name of the startup, and which must be paid back by a set date (hence the expression “debt capital”). In other words, the startup takes out a loan, financing, or a mortgage, which can be public or private. Public loans are generally granted by public bodies or entities at more favourable conditions than what the market offers( for example, it can be a low or zero-interest loan, or in the best case even a grant). Private financing is generally granted by banks at market conditions. In some cases, it may come from private foundations at conditions that are generally more favourable than those offered by banks. In the case of private financing, it is possible to access the Guarantee Fund of Medio Credito Centrale. When granting a loan, banks always ask for some guarantees in return. SMEs and innovative start-ups can take advantage of the Guarantee Fund, which can guarantee up to 80% of the loan, significantly facilitating access to credit.

What should one choose?

B-PLANNOW will assess with you if you only need resources, or partners who in addition to money could bring other advantages, such as managerial skills, contacts with suppliers or other investors, the opening of business channels, and so on. If you think that your team is already strong enough to single-handedly tackle the market and grow turnover and profits, B-PLANNOW will help you to raise debt capital through the best credit brokers, if possible at subsidized rates, taking advantage of the MCC Guarantee Fund, or even better through grants. Last but not least, if in addition to money you also need expert support, the best solution would be that of risk capital, or even the direct Private Business Angel opportunity offered by B-PLANNOW.

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Private Business Angel

Why would you need a Business Angel?

Like for the rest of the world, also in Italy startups can rely on actual guardian angels who, believing in the innovation of the project, decide to invest in the new activity by making available capital and knowledge. These people are called Business Angels because, like angels, they take charge of the risks associated with the development of a new startup. Business Angels are informal investors that differ from formal investors, such as credit institutions, who generally invest in venture capital and private equity funds. They are often professionals or managers with experience in the sector in which they want to invest, meaning that they can offer both specific knowledge to help in the development of the new idea and the capital required for the early stages. The relationship that is created between the investor and the entrepreneur is based on trust. The Business Angel does not require any particular form of guarantee for its investment, which also for this reason is defined as informal. This relationship is convenient for both: the company receives guidance at no cost from an expert who follows it in the crucial stages of growth, while the investor secures a good investment, which although risky, guarantees the realization in the medium term (5 years on average), of capital gains through the partial or total sale of the initial shares.

If you have a deserving idea and team, B-PLANNOW will be happy to invest directly to ensure a profit, both for itself and your startup. We know the risks of high-potential investments, and we know that the results will be seen in the medium/long term. Above all, we believe in the strength of our unique mix of skills, experience and relationships, and in our capability to support young technological companies like yours in their scaleup journey.

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Marketing Strategies

Getting your startup off the ground is no easy feat. It is all too common to hear of companies with excellent potential failing miserably within a short period of time. Despite innovative ideas and a capable and prepared team, many of them fail to see the light. Do you know why? For lack of a good and well-conceived marketing strategy. Regardless of the product or service offered, the marketing strategy must be based on some fundamental pillars, which must be identified even before selecting the business model. Many startups think that they can get around obstacles by taking shorter, less expensive routes. But does this really make sense? To ensure success, the available budget must be analysed and used wisely. Without investing in marketing and without relying on a specialist, there is always the risk of failure, or in Silicon Valley’s words, of “getting stuck in the land of the living dead”.

Knowing your audience is the first step of the marketing strategy with which B-PLANNOW can help you: without the correct identification of your customer base and relevant Buyer Persona, every section of the marketing plan is destined to fall like a sandcastle. This means that value proposition, sales channels, customer relations and marketing objectives must all be analysed, as well as the so-called “goals”, which according to the Americans must be SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-bound.

Through a dedicated team, B-PLANNOW then selects the best marketing plan for your startup, based on online marketing channels (search engine optimization, search engine marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, guest posting, pay-per-click, advertising, affiliate marketing, display advertising, direct mail marketing, viral marketing, public relations, community development, influencer marketing, crowdfunding, etc…) and offline marketing channels (business development, direct sales, fairs, offline events, public speaking, offline advertising, radio marketing, TV marketing, telemarketing, etc…), as well as guerrilla marketing.

Lastly, B-PLANNOW assists you during the data analysis and monitoring stages, through the identification and control of KPIs and realistic metrics, helping you to avoid those “vanity metrics” that would only lead your startup astray.

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Startup mentoring

The period of time during which a company can count on its market leadership to enjoy the advantages of previous ideas and innovations is becoming shorter and shorter. This forces even the most entrenched companies to invest in innovation. In reality, we believe that the only sustainable way for a company to achieve long-term economic growth is to create an “innovation factory” capable of coming up with continuous innovations by adopting business model analysis techniques in line with the surrounding environments and scenarios.

This is why B-PLANNOW offers monthly or annual packages that include business analysis, business model adherence analysis, search for new innovative business models, business plan analysis and adaptation of the same to the developing company dynamics, as well as general corporate strategic support.

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