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Innovative startups in Italy first quarter 2021
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Updated 08 March 2022

Innovative startups in Italy first quarter 2021

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, 12,561 innovative startups are registered in the special section with an increase of + 5.6% compared to the previous quarterDonec quam felis, ultricies nec, pellentesque eu, pretium quis, sem.

On the website of the Ministry of Economic Development from April 16, 2021, the new edition on quarterly monitoring dedicated to demographic trends and economic performance of innovative startups in Italy is online.

The report shows that, despite the pandemic, the startups registered in the special section are now steadily settling over 12 thousand, precisely 12,561 with a + 5.6% compared to the previous quarter.

74.7% of innovative startups provide business services (in particular software production and IT consulting, 36.9%; R&D activities, 14.2%; information services activities, 9.0%), 17.0% work in manufacturing (out of all: machinery manufacturing, 3.1%; manufacture of computers and electronic and optical products, 2.6%;), while 3.0% work in commerce.

Lombardy remains the region where the largest number of innovative startups are located: 3,375, equal to 26.9% of the national total. Followed by Lazio (1,443, 11.5% of the total), Campania with 1,115 startups (8.9%) and Veneto (1,034, 8.2% of the national total), the only other regions to exceed one thousand. In a short distance, Emilia Romagna appears in fourth place, with 985 startups (7.8%), followed by Piedmont, with 699 (5.6%). At the bottom are Basilicata with 124 (1.0%), Molise with 77 (0.6%) and Valle d’Aosta with 19 (0.2%) innovative startups.

Coming to the economic-financial indicators, the average value of production per company in the year 2019 is underlined, which is just under 182.6 thousand euros, a decrease compared to the previous quarter (about 2 thousand euros less). The average assets amounted to just over 358.5 thousand euros for innovative startups, an increase of more than 8 thousand euros compared to the previous survey. Finally, considering total production, it amounts to 1,382,646,330, a figure 2.9 million euro lower than that recorded at the end of the previous quarter (1,385,530,177).


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