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Global VC Report 2020: 300 billion raised
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Updated 26 July 2022

Global VC Report 2020: 300 billion raised

Venture capital in the world sees a collection of 300 billion for 2020 with a 4% increase on an annual basis.

Startups around the world, despite the Covid-19 pandemic, ended 2020 in a much stronger position than they started the year, with venture capital funding increased 4% annually to $300 billion. This growth came as industries disrupted by the global pandemic – jobs, healthcare, education, finance, shopping and entertainment – shifted dramatically to online services. This, in turn, has created a boom for the technology infrastructure and cloud services companies that support this move, leading to a strong push in the IPO and M&A market.

The tech boom was led by the largest companies, with Apple reaching a valuation of over $2 trillion for the first time in August and Amazon and Google reaching $1 trillion.

Total funding has tripled over the years (from 10,000 to 30,000 rounds), but in 2020 those in the seed phase decreased by 27% on an annual basis, those in early-stage by 11% while those in late-stage increased by 4% .


Nicola Zanetti

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